It is a big job to make sure that everyone is ‘well-fed’ and happy during the holidays. We all know that there is not an endless amount of time between meals to do all the work for everyone while also wanting to relax. After lunch, dinner arrives quickly and what about shopping?

It is easier to run life at home on an everyday basis, but cooking on a holiday when we are away can be a daunting challenge. Going to restaurants more than occasionally requires extra organization, and taking a group of 14 friends to eat out may not always be possible anyway. (Not to mention designating drivers all the time).

Understanding this and the dynamics of private homes, Monika is committed to firmly ‘plant’ herself in the kitchen to make sure meal times run smoothly right there where you are.

How does it work?

Once you know when and where you will be on holiday, please get in touch with the following information:

  • dates and (approximate) number of guests
  • the place where you will be
  • dietary and other requirements
  • information on the property

Once booking is underway, we will exchange ideas on menus and foods you (don’t) like, or if you prefer giving a ‘carte blanche,’ I am happy to take the lead without a problem based on your preferences.

Please note that:

  • in order to give an efficient service, it is highly recommended that I stay on the property, if possible, due to the long hours required to work in the kitchen. Please count on providing on-site accommodation if you are located outside CANNES / GRASSE / ANTIBES area of France.
  • as a family cook, I do not sell meals with a mark-up. The service and the food budget are separate. This is to make sure that I am not under ‘pressure’ to make a profit, therefore I can ensure that I continue to use great quality ingredients on the clients’ budget instead of figuring out how I can make a sufficient profit margin by using ingredients from sources I may not use for myself. 
  • the help of a housekeeper, or other household staff, is highly appreciated for setting tables and serving, especially with large numbers of guests.
  • the style of food I provide is home cooking with meals generally consisting of an apéritif, a starter, a main dish, cheese (especially when in France) and a dessert. Through the food I prepare, I aim to create an atmosphere where people feel welcome instead of afraid of breaking a ‘work-of-art.’ For food photos, feel free to browse through the gallery