Dinner parties, family events, corporate functions, seminars, photo shoots, hunting events, and more are all welcome. Please get in touch to discuss details.


It is a big job to make sure that everyone is well-fed and happy during the holidays. We all know that there is not an endless amount of time between meals to do all the work for everyone while also wanting to relax. After lunch, dinner arrives quickly and what about planning the meals and shopping?

Cooking while away on holiday can be a daunting (and somewhat undesired) challenge. Going to restaurants more than occasionally requires extra organization, and taking a group of 14 friends to eat out may not always be possible anyway. (Not to mention designating drivers all the time).

Understanding this and the dynamics of private homes, Monika is committed to making sure meal times run smoothly right there where you are.


Once you know when and where you will be staying, please get in touch with the following information:

  • dates and (approximate) number of guests

  • the place where you will be

  • type of occasion

  • type of catering requested (eg, informal or formal)

  • dietary and other requirements (if applicable)

  • likes and dislikes


  • If you are located more than 20 kms outside of the Grasse area (approx. limit for daily commuting), on-site accommodation may be requested if the contract runs for several days or more at a time.

  • Serving staff / kitchen hand is required if catering for 6 or more guests at a time (depending on the complexity of the menu) to help with setting the table, serving and clearing.

  • Travel cost refund may be requested depending on the location of the job