Monika “La Hongroise is a chef based in the Grasse (Alpes-Maritimes 06) region of the South of France. Originally from Budapest, after spending a few years studying, travelling and working in South Africa, Switzerland, Belgium, the USA and the UK, Monika fell in love with France while on a two-month holiday with her sister in 2013, and decided to come back to pursue her career in cooking a year later. Graduated in Hospitality Management & Catering at a small private school in the Cape Winelands (South Africa) in 2012, Monika takes on catering jobs in clients’ homes, secondary homes and rental properties on the French Riviera, the Alps and various other destinations on request.


As a private chef, it is required to be well-versed in a variety of cuisines in order to be able to cater to clients’ requests and preferences. By default, however, the Mediterranean cuisine is endorsed (Provençal, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Middle Eastern). See menu suggestions.


Monika is very interested in scientific research based on the human microbiome and follows the advice of functional medicine practitioners (available on the public domain) to use ‘food as medicine.’